Owner: Lee Morgan, retired with 28 years in the electrical industry.

I began my electrical career as an apprentice and continued there for eleven years as a Journeyman and, eventually, a Foreman. For the next seventeen years, I was an instructor for high voltage electricians. I also worked to improve company procedures and provided technical field support on all aspects of maintaining HV equipment. I traveled to substations around the Pacific Northwest, helping field crews troubleshoot problem equipment. This experience proved to be incredibly valuable to me in learning to identify technical issues, as well as build my teaching strategies. Over the years, I was able to help solve many problems over the phone, and also had the chance to work with many manufacturer reps and learn little-known secrets of their equipment. Prior to entering the electrical trade, I had six years of experience as a Boilermaker at Mare Island Naval Shipyard, which gave me mechanical skills highly needed in the HV electrician trade. I am looking forward to bringing my years of knowledge and experience to On Target HV Training, LLC. where I can help equip the next generation of high voltage electricians with the skills they need.

On Target HV Training, LLC. is designed to address the needs of the individual worker, as well as to solve prevalent problems in the industry. During my career, I observed an unfortunate trend where substation electricians were not receiving the training they needed to perform their duties proficiently and safely. Apprentices and journeymen alike are missing vital pieces of knowledge they need to solve problems. Too many of them were told, “Do it this way, because this is the way we’ve always done it!” With no explanation or reasoning, they may get the job done today, but they can’t adapt to the next problem or newest iteration of equipment. On Target HV Training, LLC. “Consulting” was born to help substation electricians gain a true understanding of the equipment and procedures they work with every day. When faced with a new piece of equipment that has slightly different wiring, or a problem that the manufacturer’s manual can’t solve, an electrician with On Target HV Training will be equipped to adapt and finish the job safely. Another weakness in our industry is the difficulty in sharing information from one utility to another. There aren’t many opportunities to share useful information like troubleshooting, factory recalls, inventions, and flawed equipment. On Target HV Training’s seminar was created in part to give HV substation electricians a chance to network, share and learn from each other. Imagine that you have to troubleshoot a hydraulic mechanism, and you know someone who has already encountered that problem and fixed it. How much time and trouble would it save you to simply pull out that person’s contact information and ask how they did it? I would also encourage you to share your troubleshooting or any other interesting HV Circuit Breaker experience during our HV Circuit Breaker Seminar. On Target HV Power Circuit Breaker Seminar was created in part so the HV substation electrician world can share and learn from each other and develop a network of contacts from around the country, who can be a resource to you and your crew for years to come.

With my electrical and mechanical background and many years in the trade, I have invented many different HV Circuit Breaker timing transducer adapters, tools and safety items to make the HV substation electrician’s job easier and safer. And in the process their work has become more efficient and effective. On Target HV Power Circuit Breaker Seminar is also a great venue to share new ideas and technology.