On Target High Voltage Training, LLC. specializes in training substation electricians, technicians, and workers. Training topics include servicing, testing, analyzing test results, troubleshooting, and repair of major HV equipment found in substations. Training is provided by a retired substation electrician instructor with 28 years of field experience in wrenching and training, not from an engineer or manufacturer rep. Training includes classroom lecture and hands-on practical walkthroughs and can be provided on-site on your actual work unit equipment.

All of our training courses are task and detail orientated for the substation electrician or technician. All training courses will hit the bulls’ eye by covering:

  • Maintenance service schedule

  • Definitions & terminology

  • Theory & purpose of each task

  • Safe working techniques

  • Troubleshooting and problem solving

Some of our courses offered:

  • Power Circuit Breaker basic operations

  • HV circuit breaker maintenance

  • HV circuit breaker timing

  • SF6 gas handling

  • HV print reading

  • Basic breaker mechanism service

  • Common manufacturer recommended maintenance (Including: ABB, MEPPI, HVB-Hitachi, Siemens & OA-4)

  • HV equipment troubleshooting

  • HV substation thermal scans

  • Battery & Charger maintenance

  • Current Transformer (CT) safety

  • Transformer maintenance

  • Transformer testing

Don’t see what you need here? We can design a custom training course upon request.