Transducer adapters

When maintaining HV circuit breakers, performing timing tests without monitoring motion is only half the job. It’s like changing the oil in your car without changing the filter!

Motion traces offer lots of information when troubleshooting or analyzing the performance of HV circuit breakers. The problem is, most timers do not have the correct adapters for attaching their transducers, or they are attached improperly and get erroneous results. Having the right transducer and adapters to measure the motion of HV circuit breakers is crucial to diagnostic timing tests. After years of research and development, I have created many adapters to fit a variety of Circuit Breakers. If you need a correct adapter for your PCB, contact us! If none exists, we can help you develop one!

Safety Platform

Have you ever had sore legs after maintaining a live tank HV circuit breaker, like ABB’s 550 KV ELF? Precariously hanging off a ladder or standing on the angle iron while working on the mechanisms is unsafe! If there were a safety platform that was quick and easy to install and remove, it would be the preferred method of accessing the work area. Platforms are specifically designed for each model of live tank HV circuit breaker frame and can be used on similar models. Safety platforms not only offer a safe working deck but allow workers of all sizes a relaxed comfortable working environment which reduces stress and fatigue.

Digital calipers adapter

Measuring ABB’s AHMA hydraulic mechanism’s spring travel using specialized dial depth caliper is time consuming and prone for calculating errors. Using a standard digital caliper can speed up the task with accuracy, all that is needed is to mount the digital caliper to the mechanism. I saw what was needed and modified a brass nipple as an adapter. Pictures below show the old-style dial caliper, the prototype brass adapter and the brass adapter in use.