Most of the work performed by high voltage (HV) substation maintenance electricians and technicians is focused on power circuit breakers (PCB). There are many conferences and training courses dealing with transformers, but not many that offer complete HV circuit breaker training. Similar to the Finepoint Circuit Breaker Conference® of old, On Target HV Training, LLC, invites you to a seminar where substation electricians, technicians, and engineers can learn and share their experiences dealing with all types of PCB issues.

On Target’s HV circuit breaker seminar includes three days of intense training on HV circuit breaker topics. Presented by utility workers and experts from around the United States, presentations will be free of merchandising. And an engineering degree is not needed; presentations are spoken in plain English. Topics include: new techniques for performing HV circuit breaker maintenance tasks; safety issues; common problems found on HV circuit breakers and how to resolve them; efficiency of maintenance schedules and tasks; and much, much more! For every topic, we’ll dive into “how” and “why”. We’ll build from a basic understanding of the equipment, to advanced knowledge and skills that you need for daily work life as an HV substation electrician or technician. In addition, you’ll get a valuable and rare opportunity to network with others in the trade.

Scheduled for March 17-19, 2020, the three-day seminar will run Tuesday through Thursday to allow for travel time during the regular work week. A Vendor Expo is available throughout the week. The first seminar location will be at the Portland Downtown Hilton in Portland, Oregon. Future seminars will be hosted in other major cities around the Western U.S.

Participate in the seminar as a…


  • Learn from hundreds of other utility workers and experts

  • Network with others in the trade

  • Learn about the newest tools and test equipment

  • Discover new developments in HV equipment

  • Earn training credits

  • Make new contacts and friends

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Share and Learn:

  • Ideas

  • Problems and solutions

  • Troubleshooting skills

  • Safety issues

  • Techniques


  • Confidence in public speaking

  • Respect within the trade

  • Leadership skills

  • Feedback on topic and/or delivery

  • Pride in knowing you helped others

  • Contacts

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  • Neutral conference provider (not hosted by any manufacturer)

  • Reach hundreds of contacts in one location

  • Display new products

  • See competitors’ products

  • Travel during the work week

  • Share and learn from workers in the industry

  • Compare regional techniques

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